Can Drinking Pickle Juice Help You Pass a Drug Test?

If you need to pass a drug test and you are looking for a way to cheat, looking for solutions online may lead you to think that drinking pickle juice can help you pass a drug test. This myth that lives on the web is based on the fact that pickle juice contains acetic acid. But does it really work? Let’s try to understand why some people think so and what the truth is.

An Online Myth

You can find just about anything online and it is sometimes hard to tell what is true and what isn’t. When you are trying to find a solution to pass a drug test, you may think that the idea of drinking pickle juice is not so bad, especially when you find testimonies of individuals that say they have used pickle juice to pass a drug test and came out clean. It is understandable why it can entice you to do the same. However, reading it online doesn’t make it true, and you should be worried about the effect drinking pickle juice could have on your body. So, before you start ingesting the pickle juice, you should definitely keep reading this article.

An Idea Based on Acetic Acid

Vinegar (acetic acid) can be used in many different ways. You can cook with it, clean and even use it in body wraps to lose weight. But will it enable someone to cheat a drug test? The theory behind the idea that drinking pickle juice just before passing a drug test can hide the drugs in your system, comes from the fact that acetic acid can neutralize the THC metabolites. That would change the results of the test, making it impossible for the laboratory to find traces of drugs.

That is why many people try the method of drinking pickle juice to cheat the test. But although it is true that vinegar helps to detox from drugs, its effects are not instantaneous and it won’t have the desired results. The truth is, most of the people who drank the pickle juice still failed the drug test. There are a few for whom it seemed to work, but is it most probably due to the fact that they were able to evacuate the drugs in time.

Two Theories: Drinking Pickle Juice or adding it to the Test

When you do an online search about how pickle juice can help you pass a drug test, you will discover two possible ways to go about. The first one is to drink it and the second one is to add it directly to your urine, before handing the tube back to the laboratory. If you have to pass a drug test, you will most probably have to pee in a place where someone can make sure that you don’t try to swipe it with someone else’s or that you won’t modify it with pickle juice (the example we are looking into). So as much as the idea seems interesting in theory, you can forget about going that route.

If you decide to drink the pickle juice, the explanations online indicate that you should drink a gallon of water, in which you would add one teaspoon of vinegar. Your body will not react well to the ingestion of vinegar in such a powerful way. In fact, it will most probably gag and try to spit it back out. It might even make you vomit the liquid and everything else found in your stomach in that moment.

Drinking pickle juice will cause other problems too. You could find yourself with strong diarrhoea. Vinegar is also really salty which will cause you to be even thirstier after drinking a gallon of that pickled water.

If you do drink it completely, the idea is that you should pee as much as you can so that you remove a greater quantity of THC metabolites. Counting on the fact that the pickle juice will simply hide the drug in your system, is like hoping for a miracle, since it is proven scientifically that it cannot work.

Be Aware of the Dangers

The fact that you won’t pass the drug test by drinking pickle juice is a problem in itself. But it could put you in danger in many other ways as well. For example, if you have a problem with your kidney or if you suffer from ulcers, drinking acetic acid can cause you immediate health problems.

Keep in mind that you are not the first one trying to cheat a drug test. Laboratories are used to various methods of cheating. Drinking pickle juice may reduce the concentration of HTC in your urine but it will also affect your level of creatinine in the same way; a red marker for a lab.

Finally, trying to cheat a drug test could cause you even more legal problems. So before taking the decision to drink pickle juice to pass a drug test, you should definitely think about all the things that could go wrong.


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