Yoga Poses for Two People

Yoga is one of the best activities you can do during this pandemic crisis. If you are bored and looking for something to do with your partner, friends, or family, we have some of the best yoga poses that you can do to spend your leisure time productively. Get a yoga mat and follow the instructions below, you won’t regret it.

Let’s Warm Up

Warming up before getting to any exercises is extremely important. You do not want to stretch cold muscles because it could cause injury. Furthermore, once your muscles are ready for a workout, exercising will be much easier.

To warm-up, you can simply stretch your muscles and get your blood pumping by doing jumping jacks, skipping, or star jumps. Once you’re done, let’s get into yoga poses!

Yoga Poses for Beginner Level

Chair Pose

First, both of you need to stand back to back and spread your feet about shoulder-width. Then, start the chair pose while you and your partner push your backs against each other for support. For more balance, intertwine your arms together.

Continue to do a squat until your hips are 90 degrees to the ground. While you are doing this, communication is very important since you and your partner need to go down at the same time. Once you are set, hold this pose and take some deep breaths. Then slowly walk back to the standing position.

Temple Pose

Start by standing facing each other about three feet apart, your feet are shoulder-width. Then, lift both of your arms over your head and lean forward to your partner. Once your arms meet each other, continue bending until your forearms are resting on each other. While doing this, you can walk backward to find the right length.

Try to put your chest toward the ground and do not bend your back. It is important to keep your back nice and straight. Take some deep breaths, then start bringing your body upright and put your arms down.

Yoga Poses for Intermediate Level

Buddy Boat Pose

Start by sitting across each other about 2 feet away and grab your partner’s hand. Next, bend your knees while both of you try to put the soles of your feet together. Push your feet together and point them upward in the air to form a boat position.

Find your balance by sitting on your pelvis and remember to keep your back straight. Do not forget to communicate with your partner while straightening your legs. Look upward at your feet and draw your backs in for the correct posture. Lastly, take some deep breaths, then slowly bend your knees back and let your feet down onto the ground.

Double Plank Pose

This looks like a normal planking position, but with two people. First, the base will do a full arm plank position, then the other person will also do a full arm plank posture on top. To do so, put your hand on the base’s ankles and put your feet on the base’s shoulders.

Body focus: remember to squeeze your abs in and do not bend your back. Stay in the double plank position for a couple of breaths, then the top one can put his or her feet down.

Yoga Poses for Advanced Level

Warrior Pose

Start by standing next to each other facing the opposite side. One partner starts to move your outer leg and torso into a warrior pose. After the first person finds a good balance, then the second one will do the same.

Once both of your bodies are parallel to the ground, you can wrap your arms towards your partners’ inner thigh. Put your hips together to maintain the balance, and bend your knees a little. Make sure that your outer arms and legs are stretched upward.

Flying Bow Pose

Firstly, the base will lay down on the floor, and then lift his or her partner into the flying superman position. To illustrate, the base will put your feet at the flyer’s hips, and the arms at the flyer’s shoulders while the flyer or the top person will have to bow the body and grab your feet. Once the base can find the balance at the hips, you can let go of the shoulders to get the flying bow pose.

Body focus: if you are the base, the flyer needs to strongly grip your feet with your hands, and relax his/her neck looking down at you.

Cool Down after Yoga Exercise

To finish up, both of you can do simple stretches together. We strongly recommend the child and the fish poses for cooling down. Moreover, it is also an excellent idea to meditate after doing yoga in order to stay calm and connect to your inner spirit. Close your eyes and take deep breaths for a couple of minutes to finish the exercise.

These are some fun and cool yoga poses you can do with your partner. Not only will you get to exercise, but you and your partner will also have a non-verbal connection. It is a good and productive way to practice your mindfulness and inner focus which is exactly what you need during this lockdown.

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