For many months now, the new coronavirus has spread and started a real pandemic and killed almost 1.3 million people around the world. This is a universal crisis that can affect everybody. That’s why there are insurances in order to take the healthcare costs. In the European Union, health insurance has been created to protect European travelers. Called The European Health Insurance Card, this service is really useful for all the Europeans who want to travel across Europe.

EHIC to protect Europeans against COVID

As we said, the EHIC is a health insurance card for all European residents. This card allows every single resident of state-members to be protected in case of health issues. Concretely, it works like all other health insurance: you have an issue and you have to pay hospitals and doctors, the insurance refund you. However, every European country has a different healthcare system which means that the refund won’t be as quick as normal This card, in order to be given and received, has to be ordered months before your trip. In every country, the EHIC allows everyone:

  • claim benefits for medically necessary care during the trip,
  • cover chronic or pre-existing illnesses,
  • cover the cost of pregnancy and childbirth.

However, the EHIC doesn’t work if people travel to a different country in order to get healed. Moreover, it does not cover medical healthcare that can be delayed as much as possible such as dental treatment. The EHIC is not a travel insurance and can’t refund private medical care, stolen pieces of stuff, or mountain rescue for example. Although, EHIC is made for temporary stays.

Are COVID-19 medical costs included in EHIC?

With the health crisis that we are going through, the COVID-19 is everywhere. In order to protect every European citizen, the European Health Insurance Card can include all the healthcare costs for healing and curing coronavirus. Using the EHIC card will allow every person to access local treatment on the same basis as residents. Moreover, these treatments are for medically necessary care only which means that EHIC includes all costs from new coronavirus. As it is possible to see, every European country is dealing with overcrowding patients in hospitals so, like the local residents, you will have to wait for your necessary treatment. Moreover, every country which includes the EHIC has a very different healthcare system so it is possible to pay and to get refunded months later.


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