What is the Future of Medical Cannabis in the UK?

Even though we have seen a growing trend in the use of cannabis in health products, its domestic distribution in the UK remains at a low level. That’s because most of the prescribed drugs are imported and yet still unlicensed. In a post-Brexit world, rules and regulations are not getting easier either, and steps will need to be taken. Here is a look at the cannabis situation in the UK’s health industry.

Developments made in a Turbulent Year

Regulations and restrictions have come upon the cannabis industry, near the end of 2020 and in the beginning of 2021, as a result of the Brexit. It had a direct result on all companies in the sector, even those legally established, as new regulations made it harder to obtain licenses. That said, 2020 was still an important year for the development of the industry, as sadly, the effect of the coronavirus on people created a lot of anxiety, distress and mental anguish. All these symptoms affected their physical state and had to be treated. Cannabis became one of the solutions, to improve their well-being.

This unique situation enabled new players to enter into the market, with new and innovative products. More health care fields are opening up to the idea of using cannabis to treat patients. For example, there are studies suggesting that cannabis could be a cure for epilepsy. The whole scene has seen changes, and now new products have hit the shelves. But most importantly, the mindsets are evolving when it comes to the use of cannabis as a health solution, and that should help the cannabis industry in the short and long term.

An Incredible Potential

This is all pointing in one direction, which is: a great future for the cannabis industry in the UK. However, to get there, companies and regulators have to look at countries where there is a precedent in the sector, so that it can learn from their success and mistakes. That’s the case of North America, where both Canada and the USA have been able to create a strong cannabis industry. It is crucial to do so, rapidly, so that the black market can be stopped and controlled. If users keep buying on the street, instead of through regulated networks, it can create more issues than it will solve.

But the results shown by the industry, especially in the last year, should help both companies and the government in moving forward with more cannabis products in the future. It’s good news for patients, as it has proven its worth, especially in its capacity to lower pain.

Steve C.

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