What Eye Colours Say about a Person

When you meet someone for the first time, it is quite possible that what you will remember most is their eyes. If their colour is striking, it will remain with you. If not, then what they reflect will stay in your memory. That’s because eyes are the doors to the soul of a person. But how does their colour affect someone’s personality? Here are some of the things you need to know about the meaning of eye colours.

Eyes are Fascinating

If you listen to romantic songs, they will often speak about the eyes. Sometimes, it will focus on their particular colour, and in other cases, on what the person who wrote the song found inside them. It is the same in all types of art forms. How many paintings have you seen which you could not take your eyes away from the eyes painted on the canvas? Yes, eyes are part of the poetry and the magic that surrounds individuals, and it is celebrated as such through books, movies and all kind of artistic expressions.

On an individual level, the colour of the eyes and what they express, is also a strong fascination. We all have these moments when we meet a person’s gaze and we are left baffled by the sudden sensation felt inside of us.  Sometimes the colour of the eyes of a person is so unique and different that we’d like to stare into them, just a few seconds more, to enjoy their beauty. Often, the eye colour is the entry point into the individual. But the more we get to know someone closely and the more we find ourselves wanting to learn about them through their eyes.

The Meaning of Eye Colours

There have been many studies that tried to identify the similar characteristics that can be found inside people, according to their colour of eyes. However, there are many different tones, and if we tried to define all of them, it would take a book, not an article, to do so. Therefore, we will focus on general traits, which are usually found in people with a given eye colour.

That said, it is a little bit unfair to individuals with brown/hazel eyes, since they represent almost 90% of the population. Trying to define common characteristics for such a large number of persons is not only difficult but also a little foolish. However, the 10% remaining do have precise qualities unique to them. When you consider that less than 2% of people around the world have green eyes, it definitely makes them special and it is bound to affect their personality in a certain way.

Individuals Characteristics According to their Eye Colour

Brown/Hazel Eyes

As we mentioned before, it is difficult to provide precise characteristics to such a large group of individuals. Since nine persons out of ten have brown/hazel eyes, identifying similar traits of personality through their eye colour becomes quite complicated. But researchers did find common elements.

One of them is that they tend to be quite creative as they show up in all fields where this trait is needed (art, research, business, etc.). They also tend to be more optimistic, independent and reliable when compared to people with other eye colours. They are usually people you can count on, although they can be quite stubborn, and in some cases a bit shy.

Gray Eyes

You rarely hear about people with gray eyes. It is not a typical colour. That’s partly because sometimes people confuse it with blue. But gray eyes do exist and if you cross path with such an individual, be aware that they can be really challenging. Their personality tends to be extreme and inconsistent. You will find in their eyes the beauty of a calm see, but also the rage of the tempest.

If they are stable, than they will either be a little crazy, constantly, or calmer than anyone you have ever met. Gray eye people don’t trust others easily, so give them time if you want them to get closer to you.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are certainly the most talked about. You find them in song lyrics all the time, as if only blue eyes could make you fall in love. In the Baltic, 99% of the population has blue eyes, but otherwise, they are disappearing rapidly around the world.

Individuals with blue eyes are normally happier than others, as if they lived with a blue sky over them at all time. They are known for their intelligence. A blue-eyed individual will tend to live life fully. That can make them a little bit extreme and independent. Don’t try to tell a blue eye person how to do things or it will surely backfire on you.

Green Eyes

Since there are so little individuals with green eyes, they are like gems: Beautiful but costly. They can charm you easily, especially since they are so much in control of their lives. But they only want the best, so be sure that you can live up to expectations if you start a relationship with one of them. Otherwise, you may end up broken hearted…

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